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Technology Overview

Undoubtedly, interactive video is the most effective means of communication. To enable interactive video for Mission-critical applications, The IVX offers patent-pending architecture to ensure a massively scalable and a secure resilient infrastructure.

Key Technology Differentiators:

Massively Scalable Cloud-based Infrastructure powered by our advanced
Service Level Routers (SLR)

Multi-point video on the public Internet is prone to scalability problems. The IVX addresses this problem with its breakthrough Service Level Routing by overlaying the Internet with a Peer-4-Peer architecture that chooses best possible paths for video calculated from patented algorithms to deliver interactive video to millions of end users.

Delivering Quality Video using Scalable Video Coding (SVC)

Our SVC technology is capable of dynamically adapting video traffic based on available bandwidth. It scales back the video stream by intelligently dropping packets as opposed to random packet drops, which results in an optimal quality-of-experience. When packets are dropped intelligently to conform to available bandwidth, degradation will be graceful thus maintaining the integrity of the video. The original inventor of SVC and our current CTO, Weiping Li, PhD. published extensive research on Fine Granularity Scalability for video, known as SVC today.

Virtual Comand Center Solution

Our Virtual Command Center integrates Video from Mobile phones, wearable cameras and in-vehicle cameras as well as traditional surveillance cameras to build a grid of useful information for central Command and control as well as facilitating inter-command center communication.

End to End Secure Encryption

All video conferencing sessions are encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard, adopted by the United States government. Additionally, The IVX provides NAT/FW traversal capabilities with no additional hardware required.

Application Enablement

The IVX is enabling our partners and customers to integrate other applications with our platform to offer a seamless experience for a particular verticle market. For more information, Please contact us.