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The IVX's Virtual Command Center TM (VCC) is a scalable integrated video collaboration and video surveillance system to support mission critical operations. The integrated system could be used for public safety agencies to help prevent public disorder and crime, and facilitate collaborative sessions among various law enforcement entities to manage crimes, public disorder incidents, and disasters. The system is built on disruptive patented technologies that take advantage of the maturity of IP networks, continuous enhancement in mobile access and devices, advancement of voice and video processing, evolutionary development of video surveillance products, and multimedia collaboration technologies.

Virtual Command Center Features:
  • Supporting metropolitan scale video surveillance systems that consist of both analogue CCTV and IP based surveillance products.
  • Scalable multimedia collaboration including multi-party video conferencing, application sharing, white-boarding, and instant messaging.
  • Video DispatchTM to enable sharing and pushing real-time and historical video surveillance streams to conference participants
  • Emergency broadcast to alarm and bring key parties to a mandatory conference in an emergency situation
  • Supporting a wide range of surveillance and conferencing endpoints including analogue cameras, IP cameras, conference rooms, desktops, and mobile devices.
  • Scalable video routing infrastructure that enables network bandwidth optimization to reduce operation cost
  • Localized bandwidth management to enforce bandwidth allocation in a branch office or remote office with limited bandwidth
  • Adaptive video processing to provide optimal Quality of Experience (QoE) in spite of fluctuating bandwidth in an IP network


Video surveillance collaboration scenario





  • Workforce Optimization:  Remote monitoring of real-time and historical surveillance streams with multimedia collaboration can replace certain labor intensive tasks for law enforcement agencies 
  • Public Disorder Prevention: Proactive monitoring with video collaboration and analytics allows law enforcement to take appropriate actions to prevent full-blown public disorder situations and crimes.
  • Enabling Effective Crisis Management: Enabling sharing of real-time and historical surveillance feeds, data, and applications in a multimedia collaboration session facilitates communication and timely decision making among various law enforcement agencies.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access of Visual Information: VCC supports mobile devices to access real-time multimedia information via 3G, 4G or WiMax networks
  • Investment Protection: A standards based system supporting a wide range of surveillance and conferencing endpoints
  • Operation Cost Reduction: The bandwidth optimization feature, together with the management functions provided by GSR, help reduce system operation cost
  • Open System: API to support integration with other applications to extend system functions
  • Secured Solution: Video encryption and Role Base Access Control provides data and operation security
  • Scalability: Adoption of true video routing allows the system to support millions of endpoints theoretically

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